Dodgers Veiwing Party

 Yesterday the Dodgers opened the season in San Diego against the Padres and while many Dodger fans made their way to Petco Park Dodger Stadium opened their doors for those who couldn’t make it to Petco Park. For weeks Dodger Stadium and the Dodgers promoted a Viewing Party at the Stadium which included Discounts on foods and gear from the Dodgers Team Store. Tickets were also on sale for future games. Many Dodger fans made their way to the Ravine to see the Boys in Blue face the Padres on the Dodger vision. JT The Brick made an apperance to promote the upcoming Games and promotions coming up also pointing out where people could buy tickets and mini plans.  The foods being half-off was a very cool thing that they could do seeing Foods are already at a price they shouldn’t be so this was something great.

 Dodgers and Dodger Stadium did a great job making it some what feel like a Home game with the lights going off after a Home Run and playing I Love LA after the win. Being with Dodger fans are always priceless and on a day where Magic Johnson makes his apperance to catch his Team play, Kershaw pitch 3 scoreless innings with the Flu and Dodgers grab the win No one couldn’t ask for better. I could do without the constant promotion of what give a ways the Dodgers will have but They must sell tickets. All in all The Dodgers did a great job with the viewing party. Good success overall to tend to your loyal fanbase who couldn’t be in San Diego for the game. Dodgers Lets Do It again Soon!!

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happy opening week!


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