Dodgers Lock up Kershaw for 7 Years

Clayton Kershaw  Clayton Kershaw has done a lot of things in his career in the MLB. 2 time Cy Young Award Winner, 3 Time MLB All-Star, A Triple Crown winner, 3 Time MLB ERA Champion. You can now add the highest paid pitcher in MLB History to that long list. On Wednesday the Dodgers signed Kershaw to a 7 year $210 Million Dollar extension with a opt out clause come the 5th year. That means he would be making $30 Million a season if I am not mistaken. Crazy once you think of it huh? There were rumors that Kershaw would make $300 Million and that he turned down that deal but in the end of the day Kershaw is locked in with the Dodgers for a good while and that was really key for the franchise.

Clayton Kershaw has been the best pitcher in MLB for a good 3 seasons. The numbers he has posted in that time span have been outstanding. I know many people worried about the thought of Kershaw leaving Los Angeles because of the numbers but I can assure you that him leaving was NOT going to happen. Money he was going to get was going to keep him a Dodger and he loves Los Angeles and the Dodgers organization. It was going to be a better move for him if he stayed with the Dodgers instead of going else where. Lets not forget that Clayton Kershaw is 25 years old. He’s doing all this stuff at such a young age so appreciate that fellow Dodger fans. I know I will that’s for sure. I will admit that the large deals do scare me a bit because when you look at other players who get these large deals their play either declines or something takes a turn for the worse. With Kershaw I think it could be different because he has been getting better every season and his work ethic and will to win never changes and that’s what eases me a good bit.

Clayton Kershaw will only get better and better and better. I am sure others in the NL West or the NL at that was hoping it would be else where. He’s a great player on the field and an even better person off the field. I have to say this contract it is indeed well deserved. The first major part of business for the Dodgers is done and out the way. What the next order of business is something we all have to wait and see but we do know that the Dodgers are not done making moves at all.

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Clayton is the Face of the Dodgers. I was so happy they finally gave him a long term contract.


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